E10 Cloud MES AutoUpdate problems/suggestions

Hi all,

We are on E10 Cloud and use the MES extensively on our shop floor on thin clients connecting via RDP to a Windows RDS server. The E10 client is installed on the server and has been working relatively well, except in cases where E10’s auto update runs. Normally, the client simply stays open and auto update is triggered infrequently. However, when it does, it often produces access denied errors or encounters other issues related to the fact that Epicor.exe is currently being run in another session. Our shop floor AD accounts have the necessary rights to C:\Epicor, so these issues aren’t permissions related.

Does anyone have any best practice recommendations for this situation? I was considering a nightly reboot of the RDS server, followed by a forced AutoUpdate to help ensure clients don’t update during business hours.

E11’s web based MES can’t come fast enough!