E10 Configurator -- Hidden Fields in Summary Lost?


In my configurator I check the component parts generated to see if they are manufactured. If they are, I set a PartxIsAsm.Value to true. In the rules I check that and set the material or assembly containers appropriately.

I ran across a quote that, at Get Details time, brought in all but one of the items over as materials instead of assemblies. A bug in my configurator, I thought.

Upon checking, the only correct part was one I missed checking the "hide from summary" flag on PartxIsAsm vield. 

From what I'm seeing, if I go back into the existing quote and reconfigure the line, the hidden fields are lost. Everything else looks okay, but all those flags (save one) are set to false. A new configuration of the same parts looks fine.

I'm not doing any reloading of fields at "on load" time.

I've instructed everyone not to reconfigure anyway, because on 700.4 if we do and then go to Get Details, the quote entry locks and we have to exit Epicor to get out of it. After reentry to Epicor the Get Details works okay. (Waiting on 10.1). We must have reconfigured this quote.

I'll go in and unhide these fields, but I wonder what else might be waiting to bite me. ??




Joe D. Trent

Bigham Ag Equipment