E10 Service Pack / Patch Failing

Hi All,

I am uplifting an ERP 10.0.700 to 10.1.400 and am receiving an error which I am not familiar with, so am looking for some support from you all.

The process is as follows:

  1. run ERP 10.1.400 service pack, opt not to launch admin console
  2. run 31 patch and run admin console
  3. upgrade mmc for 10.1 in Database Server Management (import) & restart mmc
  4. upgrade Epicor database
  5. upgrade appserver - server management (install)
  6. reconfigure and redeploy appserver inc. ssrs reports and task agent
  7. log in for the first time to run data conversions

When trying to log in (even after setting /update switch in client) I am getting the following error. it is a client mismatch error, which is confusing because I ran client update and reconfigured the site in management console. any ideas?

thanks in advance,