E10 Social - Multiple Login Possibilities

Hi All,

Epicor Social was setup before I joined my current company and I have been tasked with ‘fixing it’ - it works for some Users but not others.

From what I can tell this is due to the fact that there are two login domains and everyone who logs in under Epicor Social and not ERP10 Production cannot use social within the application. Any ideas on how to either move the users between domains or how I could reconfigure the setup to fit our needs? Thanks in advance for your help!

Social works against the E10 user database or against a stand alone ‘social’ user database. Either works - or both at the same time. So not all Social users need e10 login accounts.

The issue as you mention is that Social users are not the logged in E10 user. To solve this, the users need to enter their e10 credentials in their social profile.

If you had e10 users that signed up for social at the beginning, this would be done for you ‘automatically’

@Bart_Elia thanks so much for the quick response. Where would I find the area to enter in the e10 credentials on the social profile? I can’t find this anywhere.

Thanks again!

I am out of office and don’t remember the link. User profile?