E10: Where are BPMs stored on the server?

The BPM definitions are stored in the database.  To “recompile” a BPM, just disable it, then re-enable it. That should force the server to recompile the BPM.


If that doesn’t work then do the following:


1.       Open the BPM in the designer.

2.       Make a change of some kind and then change it back.

3.       Click “Save and Exit”.

4.       Then click save on the toolbar.

5.       Your BPM should be recompiled now.


The C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<AppServerName>\Server\BPM folders are only there to provide a space for compiling the assembly. They are very helpful when trying to fix compile errors since the line numbers will match up with the compiler error messages.


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I restored a copy of live to our test server and then I recompiled all BPMs.
I have one BPM that is not working as it does in live and I’m thinking there might be some old code that didn’t get recompiled.
I’d like to manually delete the BPM for this object on the server and then recompile just to make sure.

Where on the server are these files located?



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The default location for BPMs is \inetpub\wwwroot\<Application server name>\Server\BPM.