E9.04: Identifing originate date of material


We are on Epicor 9.04.507a.

I've been asked to create a report of any inventory that was "received"
prior to a certain date.

By received, we mean when it first originated in the system. Could be a
PO receipt of from a job.

All of our part numbers use a cost method of either FIFO or Lot FIFO.

A good chunk of our inventory is lot tracked and I was thinking I could
just use PartLot.FirstRefDate

I believe this would be the date the lot was created.

For lot tracked parts, does this sound like a reliable solution?

For part that are not lot track, I'm thinking this would be a difficult
task and I have to somehow hook into PartFIFOCost to figure out when the
material that is on hand was first created and if there are different
FIFO cost layers, how much of the material is from a certain date.

As anyone else had to tackle this kind of request and if so, how did you
do it?

Thanks All.

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