E9: Advanced Print Management (APM) property types


Good morning. I've been working with APM since '07 and still haven't found a good use for groups. What you need to do is use the label field with some vb scripting. For example, if you want to only pull the Invoice number off of the first page, assuming your report has something like Invoice: 12345 and you only want the number, you can draw the box around Invoice: 12345 and then use some vb scripting to first look for Invoice and then only grab everything from the right back to the ":".

+++++++++++ Code Snip ++++++++++++++

if instr(PropertyValue,"Number") <> 0 then
TextOut = Trim(right(PropertyValue,(len(PropertyValue))-(inStrRev(PropertyValue,":") ) ) )
End if

+++++++++++ End Snip +++++++++++++++

Replace "Number" with your label.

This is really helpful for items that are present on the first page, but not on subsequent pages (i.e. header information).

Hope this helps.

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Question for all of the APM gurus…


When associating property types with document types, has anyone attempted to use property groups and group identifiers?  I see the following information in the administrator’s guide:


b. Identify the property type. Most property values are simply related to the document they identify. However, there are times when property values have a relationship to other property values, in addition to the document. Properties that have a relationship to one another are members of a property group.

§ If Standard, the property will not be a part of a property group.

§ If Group Identifier is selected, the property value will identify a property group.

§ If Member of Group is selected, the property value will be associated with the selected identifier and other members of that group. If you select Member of Group, you must also select the appropriate group identifier. The Group Identifier must be configured before the members of the group can be configured.


A troublesome aspect of APM seems to be that for a property mapped to a location on a page, APM will look for a value for that property on all pages of the document.  I’m thinking that perhaps the property groups might allow us to constrain the indexing of property values to only those found on a certain page of the document.  If there are other easier ways to work around this issue, I certainly would be open to hearing about those as well.  Where we have “field labels” on the forms, I am already trying to use those, but only to a certain degree of success.


We are using Epicor 9.05.702 and APM/doc-link 2.7.  Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!