E9 Past due PO's on constrained material not showing as supply


Currently we are using Epicor 9.05.207

We are having an issue where constrained parts on late PO’s, or parts still in inspection later than the due date, are not showing as supply. So when MRP runs, or Planners schedule jobs (without ignore constrained materials checked) it pushes the jobs or job suggestions out further than they should.

How do I get Late PO’s or parts in inspection to essentially show as stock?

Appreciate any help or insight!
Thank you!
-Tyson Andrews

Core Epicor logic is that any parts in the Quality process are not available for any other processing. You could print out the Inspection Pending report to see what’s there, but MRP and Scheduling by definition won’t see them.

For constrained parts, the word “constrained” has a very specific meaning in Epicor… see page 96 of the MRP Technical Reference Guide for complete information. You can set the “ignore constrained materials” checkbox via customization so it won’t be forgotten.

Thank you Ernie.

So when a PO is flagged for inspection and received in, if it’s still in inspection when our MRP runs overnight, it will still think we have no stock and kick the job out to the LT of the part?

Is there anything to do about late PO’s kicking out job suggestions to the the parts LT?

Seriously appreciate the help, thank you!

This is one of those times where the logic sort of shoots itself in the foot. When a Receive to Inspection part is physically received and goes into Inspection Processing, it enters a black hole. Epicor can’t see it, so it can’t estimate how long it’s going to stay in Inspection processing, so in essence it’s like it doesn’t even exist. The only thing Epicor can do to “get the part available”, which is what MRP is demanding, is either create a new PO or suggest a change to an existing PO.

Having the Inspection Processing report (and occasionally taking the Quality folks out for pizza) smooths things out tremendously. Ask anyone here… the need for good cross-department communication will NEVER go away.