E9 Updateaable query

I have an updateable query for PartPlant.GenerateSugg. In the BAQ test, I can update the field, click Update and I get the message: Query update fulfilled and reported no error.

But it doesn’t actually update. Not sure where to start with this one. Hope someone has an idea. FYI my first attempt at an updateable BAQ,

@randallweber This is from E10 field help, but this field has some rules around it that I assume existed before. This is something that should work. I got the format from EpicWeb a long time ago and used it a ton in E9. make sure to add sysrowID to your query.

UBAQ Update PartPlant Advanced Update.p (309 Bytes)

Are you using Epicor or advanced updating? I assume since it is your first run at this the Epicor updating. I know with advanced updating it can be flipped, but will PO suggestions honor it is the question.

Generate PO Suggestions

Indicates whether you want the Generate Suggestions program to consider this part. The default for this check box is as follows:

  • When a NEW Manufactured part is added, the check box defaults as selected, and it is inactive (read-only).
  • If, on the site sheet, you change the Type from Manufacture to Purchase, then this check box remains selected, and it is active (it can be changed).
  • If, on the site sheet, you change the Type from Purchase to Manufacture, then this check box will be automatically selected and inactive.

This check box is always set to true for manufactured parts, so that PO Suggestions for subcontract operations (that are part of the manufactured parts’ methods of manufacture) are always generated. This check box should be set to false for parts included in a sales kit.