E9 - Updateable Dashboard to change GL Allocation Detail

I am looking to build an updateable dashboard to modify the allocations stored in GLAlcDtl. The GL Allocation form will allow a grid update, but it is specific to a particular GL account. I am looking to make an updateable dashboard to allow mass change.

I added the GLAlcHed and GLAlcDtl table and the Hed.company, Hed.AllocID, Dtl.AllocLine, and Dtl.AllocationUnits fields.

I marked the allocationunits as updateable and turned on multiple rows.

I disabled advanced BPM update only and selected the GLAlcHed Bo and UpdateExt method.

I marked ttGLAlcHed and TtGLAlcDtl tables to be updated and made sure the column mapping populated an expression for each field.

I regenerated the directive.

I went to test it. Get List worked. Modify two values on the allocation units (swapped them).

Clicked 'update' and boom... "No header records found - processing aborting."

Any ideas?


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