ECM 20.1 purge old data?

Good Morning. I have searched unsuccessfully for weeks for info on how to purge old data. My knowledge of DocStar 20.1.117 is low and I mostly add users and permissions. Our backup has grown to over 1TB and I would like to remove records older than 10 years. Are there some steps I can follow to clean up this old data?

I also discovered almost 200,000 records in the recycle bin that our scanning staff has no clue how they would have gotten there as they do not delete anything. Could this be part of a workflow?

No, the workflow has no mechanism to ‘move’ a document to the recycle bin. 'Remove from All Folders" does not move things to the bin either. Deleting is a deliberate user-initiated process. It’s possible I’m missing something but someone’s personal ‘workflow’ is doing this I think.

As for purging - we discussed this with Docstar way back and were told that the best way to do this is to manage it via Record Categories and retention periods.
Lesson 5 Creating Record Categories – Epicor Content Management

You may need to spend some manpower/time in setting a new record category for documents - as I do not think there is a way to set a record category for documents already in the system, but it must be done via the workflow when the document is created. I’m thinking you would have to send a set of search results through a simple workflow that set the Record Category value with a ‘Replace’ task.

We’re going to have to do this sooner or later, but we figured we would do a process each month end. First, empty the Recycle Bin (everything deleted more than 30 days ago, thus keeping the last 30 days of user deletes). Then do a search result set based on Content Type and Create Date - then Action Menu → Delete then to put them in the Recycle Bin. Repeat next month. Depending on document count, this might need to be done a few time as search results are a limited number of records.

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