ECM A task was canceled error

In Sales Order Automation I am getting a task was cancelled on an 81 line sales order.

I am assuming there is a timeout setting that needs to be adjusted. I have a ticket in with support, but am also asking here in case someone has had the issue before.

From the event viewer

Astria.Framework.DataContracts.DatalinkBusinessException: A task was canceled. —> System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled.
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at Astria.Framework.Datalink.ThirdParty.EpicorERP_SalesOrder.Engine.Query(IDataLinkQuery query)
at Astria.Framework.Business.V2.DataLinkQueryBusiness.ExecQuery(DataLinkQueryPackage dto, IDataLinkQuery dlQuery, Nullable1 documentId, Dictionary2 parameterValues)
at Astria.Framework.Business.V2.DataLinkQueryBusiness.ExecQuery(ExecuteDataLinkPackage package)
at Astria.Service.Company.V2.DataLinkService.ExecuteQuery(ExecuteDataLinkPackage package)
Detected Ip:

@gpayne I’ve not seen that one yet. Looks like maybe a Datalink was taking entirely too long, or was deadlocked/contention with something else in SQL and SQL shut it down?

Do you know which datalink and what the datalink was doing?

It is creating an 81 line sales order. I have another order of the same customer that is 37 lines and worked. I am making a recording but I think it is in pre-check create sales order.

Can you run the same data through DMT and see what happens? Maybe it will tell you if there is a specific problem.

The setting is already in the two config files with a note that it is for SOA and APV2 and each file has a note about the other file… These are the folders and files for increasing the timeout.

Eclipse Client Services folder
Eclipse Server folder

 <add key="ErpTimeoutSeconds" value="300" /><!--affects precreate and create in AP2 and SO integrations; default is 180; place this in EclipseServer's web.config for server-based integration-->
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