ECM cloud distributed queue issues?

We are having problems with the distributed queue today, seems like it’s not connecting to our service. Other data links are working, just not the distributed queue. Anyone else seeing problems? I’m waiting for support, but figured I would ask to try and understand if it’s just us, or a a widespread problem.

I believe this is a known issue. I think it has to do with the client.
Is your client connecting?

I believe I am experiencing this same issue with the cloud4 server.

Support fixed it yesterday. They had to restart something on their end.

When they do this, do you have any idea if they fix it for the server or if it’s per environment?

I don’t know for sure. I didn’t think to ask.

I got confirmation from ECM Support that the restarting of the DQM service is for the entire cloud instance and not just a single environment. In my case, assigning the DQM items in error to the local ECM Client allowed them to process and resolved some of my issues.

Also, the ECM Client for cloud instances is a shared client for all environment on that specific cloud server.

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