ECM (DocStar) capture - ISIS scanner required?

Looking for some advice on capturing documents in ECM via scanning…in one of the ECM training videos (browser scan?), it refers to an ISIS-compatible scanner. Just wondering, if looking at capturing via directory or via email, is an ISIS-compatible scanner required? Or will a multi-function copier/scanner/printer device work? I believe these use the TWAIN standard?

Any advice / recommendations / flashes of brilliance would be welcome… Thanks all!


@toppito ISIS is only required if you are using the ECM client. We use flatbed twain scanners and I know @MikeGross uses a multifunction copier.

If you are dropping a PDF in a folder is does not matter where it came from as long as it is not an image.

@gpayne I was hoping for this answer…thank you for your quick response!


The ISIS Scanner is only needed for when you are using the PC’s ECM Client for input. Even if you do it form the ECM UI, it still uses the ECM Client on your PC to do the work. So if you want a scanner on someone’s desk, you need an ISIS scanner and the ECM Client for the PC installed.

Otherwise, any device that can ‘drop’ a PDF into a folder can be your source. I use Ricoh copiers and the Scan to Folder function to drop PDF’s into a folder that IDC/ECM grab from, like @gpayne mentioned.

Thanks, Mike. You & Greg have given me the info I need to make some informed decisions about ECM scanning.

I appreciate how quickly you guys responded!



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