ECM Indexing Error

I’ve had this error before, but can’t remember the fix annoyingly! I’ve checked back through my EpicCare cases, and the tech agent hasn’t updated the notes either.


Anybody seen this?

Many Thanks, Mark

All I recall is that the indexer is Apache/SOLR and is controlled by the Eclipse Solr Service. Maybe there is a log file or something in event viewer? Mine are in C:\Program Files\Astria Solutions Group\Eclipse Solr\Solr\server\logs.

hope that helps jog your memory :slight_smile:

If I stop this service I get that. I also found the log where @MikeGross said it would be.


Thanks @MikeGross @gpayne

Not as easy as just that service - it is started. What I failed to mention was that this is a new server. I followed the advice of Ray from docStar regards resorting the DBs to a new server, fixing up the SQL server is CompanyInstance, and then did the install. Everything else is good, apart from this index.

Worked with support for an hour or so yesterday, but didn’t get to the bottom of it. I think it’s going to be permissions related. If I uninstall the Eclipse Solr service, and empty the directory that I’m asking it to create the index in (E:\Astria Solutions\SolrSC), then I run the Server Config, it reinstalls the Eclipse Solr service, and upon startup it places some files in that folder - BUT, just not all of the same files that appear on my current server. It had them stumped as well, will post the resolution after I’ve done a follow up on Monday.


I think you are on the right track with permissions.

I think the naming is random. I used robocopy to overwrite my dev system’s files and restored the dbs from live. (I know drinking and programming is dangerous) I started a rebuild at the same time on live and dev and came out not only with different names, but also the number of files. BUT the same number of indexed documents.

I verified that I had the last PO sent on Friday back to 2020 when I started with APR.

I copied using robocopy with SEC and MIR flags there is also SECFIX which will replicate just permissions from the originating server.


Just to throw some more info into this if you think it’s permissions - here’s the permission ‘tree’ on my server - services and Docstar directory down to Index. Note that I’m on a separate drive and not in the protected Windows folders (Program files/Program data/etc.)

And I checked all the DB tables and found nothing that links Solr to the ECM Databases. I’m wondering where the Solr service is getting its pointer to the company database - that would be what I look for next since it can’t index what it can’t see.