ECM: Upload Engineering Drawings (pdf) and Attach to PARTs

Can anyone describe the process to upload the Released Engineering Drawing Library to ECM? Also, 1] how to attach to the respective parts so they can be viewed (from Method Tracker, I believe) and 2] how are revision changes uploaded?

Have you connected Epicor to your ECM instance in Attachment Type Maintenance?

I would upload directly from Epicor to the PartRev table as an attachment.


Yes, that’s already in place, thanks. So from there would they be visible in the Method tree under Material/Matl/Rev? Or would that still need to be set up?

If you add to PartRev (part must be checked out first), when you check in, it will be available in Method Tracker

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Ok, good to know. The task at hand is to upload in BULK all of the released drawings from a network folder into ECM and link them to PartRev. Eventually I’d like to try and process engineering changes through an ECM workflow from there (markups, signoffs, notifications, etc…). For now I just want to get them uploaded and visible to the company from within Epicor.

I would suggest a REST call with a workflow to take the part num and lookup the sysrowid, once you have the sysrowid the workflow will use create attachment, assuming you have licensing for workflows, datalinks, and one of the ap automation, so automation, or doc attachment this workflow will require a batch import to monitor a file folder and import the documents into the workflow.

Thanks - I’ll start looking at that.