ECOGroupID for PartBoo for V8 -> E10 via DMT

DMT for E10 requires the field ECOGroupID when importing BOO’s. But V8 doesn’t have a field for this.

The ECO tables (ECOOp, ECOOpDtl) don’t have records that match up with those in PartBOO.

What should the ECOGroupID field be set to?


It can be anything as long as it is a valid group. I used import and a date to track my dmt runs.

There is no “ECO” table in DMT. Neither in Management view or Migration View.

Do I have to go into E10 and create an ECO group, and then use that GroupID for the import of BOO (and BOM) records?

Yes – create group in engineering workbench. Then you can DMT

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