ECOMtl_UD not show value after Approve/Check In


I add a field in ECOMtl_UD called ShortChar01 from UD Column Maintenance. I can see, modifiy and save value this field in Engineering Workbench, when I select Approve / Check In and I reopen the form not appear the saved value for ShortChar01. Any idea how to fix it?
Thank you.

Hi @mvmoo,

You need to do the appropriate mapping in UD Column Map.

Source: ECOMtl → Target: Erp PartMtl

So u will also need the custom field in PartMtl too.

After you have added the mappings in UD Column Map you may need to do a data model regen to sync the mapping.

Hope this helps.

Hello @ridgea

thank you for your answer, it was useful.