We have a custom field on the Engineering Workbench that maps to the ECOMTL_UD field. We also have this same custom field on the Method Tracker that maps to ECOMTL_UD. But the Method tracker is looking in the PartMtl_UD table for the data.

It looks like the BO’s are mapping any fields from ECOMTL to PartMtl on a one to one, but the data i capture in that field in Engineering workbench is NOT flowing through to PartMtl. What am i missing to get this mapped? Does it need to be a custom piece of code that writes the data in PartMtl_UD when ECOMtl_UD is updated?


opps this won’t work as its from the PartMtl to ECOMtl table…

figured it out. in the UD mapping the mapping between the two was not enabled.