EDI and Unit of measures

Some of our UOM’s (Unit of Measure) are longer than two digits. EDI will only allow two-digit UOMs. Does anyone have any suggestions on altering UOM’s without using the mapping team? Is there something that can be done within Epicor?

All UOMs can be expressed in 2 digits. Maybe you need to look at your UOMs.

Vinay Kamboj


The easiest way is to create a cross reference on the mapping side. Otherwise you may need to do some customizations in a BPM to do the cross referencing for you.

I agree, but if you are late to that party, you are screwed. :slight_smile:

That’s true, Initial setup is very critical for UOMs. One way to overcome could be to create new 2 character UOMs and use them as “Sales UOM” on the part. This sales UOM can then be used in EDI etc.

Vinay Kamboj

Does EDI use UOMCode or UOMSymbol?

Your choice and customer requirements. We use UOMCode.