EDI Demand Import ID's


Simple quick question:
The Import ID’s that are displayed/used in Demand Workbench…should those contain only demand schedules for a single customer?

I am asking because historically they have always only contained schedules for a single customer. However, we have started to see this happen:

The Demand PO’s in the red box belong to Customer 1, while the Demand PO’s in the green box belong to Customer 2.

This doesn’t seem right, based on previous experience, but I wanted to be sure before I start digging into this more.

We receive inbound EDI transactions from multiple trading partners as well, and it appears that the Import ID is based on each specific EDI inbound process.

Should a 7AM inbound EDI schedule process inbound transactions in error from various trading partners, these are all indicated within the same Import ID in the Demand Workbench.

Each held transaction, once corrected and reprocessed, will transfer to Demand Entry according to the Demand Contract.

@PGirard - That makes perfect sense. Which is why I am confused. Here is my current EDI implementation and the situation I am finding myself in:

We use 1 EDI Source which is provided and managed by Epicor. They use a combination of AS2 Complete Enterprise and EDI HQ Server to process our incoming EDI transactions. EDI HQ Server takes the .edi files that are picked up by AS2 Complete and using the different maps that have been created, transforms them into the .app files that are then sent over to our Epicor environment, which is on-prem.

The .app files that are sent to our Epicor environment are a 1-to-1 match to the ones that were picked up by AS2 at the start of the process. For example, we have a customer that sends us 86 EDI transmissions every morning. Each one contains all of the open demand for one of the parts they order from us. Since we make 86 parts for them, they send us 86 files.

Once AS2 has those files, it drops them into the appropriate location on the 1 EDI Source server for the EDI HQ software to process. The HQ software takes each of those .edi files, transforms them based on the mappings for that specific trading partner, and creates an .app file. One .app file for each .edi that came through. Those .app files are then sent to our Epicor Environment.

This takes place between 12:45 AM and 1:00 AM.

Now, in our environment, we have an Import EDI Process that is running, waiting for new files to be dropped into the folder it is watching. So, at roughly 1:15 every day there are 86 .app files dropped into that folder on our server and the Import EDI Process grabs them, processes them, and saves a backup of them. The files it processed then end up in Demand Workbench.

Most of the time, when we are in the workbench and open up an ImportID, that Import contains the PO’s for a single customer. But lately we are seeing PO’s for multiple customers in a single ImportID. What I am trying to figure out is if that is expected behavior, or if there is a glitch somewhere in our process that we need to be looking into.

If the ImportID is created by the “Import EDI Process”, I can see how multiple PO’s for multiple Customers could show up. If HQ sends us the .app files for multiple customers at the same time, and they are all picked up by the same “Import EDI Process”, then they would all fall under the same ImportID, correct?

It does seem normal that errored transactions from multiple partners would be combined during the Import EDI process under a single Import ID.

There are no issues in our setup regarding identical Import IDs once transactions are accepted in Demand Entry.

For us, Most inbound EDI transactions are received with no errors, and would not show up in Demand Workbench in any event.