EDI on Demand import problems

we are having some weird problems in Epicor lately, any suggestion is appretiated.

Users where having problems with processing more than 1 EDI file, the problem is as below:

"The inbound EDI files are currently generating all incorrect. They are putting all parts on the release under 1 sales order and 1 PO.

I have tried closing sales order, deleting bad lines, and also deleting bad lines and re-issuing a new sales order and all attempts still have the same issue once file is reprocessed. This goes for all Mopar and Production releases. Nothing in Epicor is correct."

we had to restart SQL server in order to fix it. The EDI files were ok, we checked. This is happening 4 days in a row, and we can not find anything… any ideas ?

Have you verified there is no BPMs in this process?

No there is not any

hello ,

do you have any suggestion on this ??

How are you importing?

through ImportEDI process in Epicor