EDI - Outbound orders, inbound invoices & ASNs

We are a manufacturer, but some parts we order from another manufacturer.

We are wanting to set up EDI with this other manufacturer. Specifically, EDIFACT (X12 in parentheses) types:

ORDERS (850 order) - outbound
ORDCHG (860 order change) - outbound
INVOIC (810 invoice) - inbound
ORDRSP (855 order ack) - inbound
DESADV (856 advance shipping notice) - inbound

It appears Epicor (our current version is only has the exact opposite directions out-of-the-box for the document types above.

Can anyone put me onto the correct path of generating these documents? Also, into which module of Epicor would the inbound documents be placed? There seem to be some facilities of Demand Management that could be the answer, but I’m only scratching the surface so far.

We also have TIE Kinetix on-premise, so getting the Epicor-standard tilde-delimited version of files would be easiest to use with TIE.

Currently our buyers create purchase orders and print them to the APM, to be sent via email. I would imagine I could build report styles that could generate the tilde files, and use BPMs to populate them.

I’m fairly new to Epicor (7 months) so I apologize if I’m missing something obvious. I have looked (and am still looking) through the help and documentation, but thought I might get good results here.


I’ve come to the same conclusion you have.

Epicor EDI\Demand Management = customer<->you
You <-> Supplier = Custom