EDI packslip printing (856) with Dropship Entry

Has anybody generated an 856 ASN with a drop ship? We have the need to handle our drop ships with EDI and there is no built in functionality to generate a pack list for a drop ship.

I know I can brute force it with a BPM, but wanted to know if other’s had tackled this before I go down this road.


I use BPM to generate file for both ASN (856) and Invoice(810).

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I think our 810 process still works, but the generation of the 856 will have to be manual. Guess I need to clean up the map to make it easier on myself :roll_eyes:

@Doug.C. As you are on 10.2.500, you may well create a Function for generating ASN file which can be called from both Customer Shipment and Drop Shipment. Are you using TIE Kinetix?

Yes. The maps provided have a lot of extra fields that we will never use. If I clean those up it will be easier to code the output.

Hi Doug,

We are implementing our first EDI relationship using the TIE product, and we need an ASN for drop shipments. Would you be willing to share the overall strategy you used to address this issue?

Thank you!

No. I left the company a few years back, and when I came back we moved that company in as a site under the main company so the ICPO and dropships all went away. Much less paperwork.