I have had substantial experience with EDI, but not in Vantage. Still, I
can offer some insight into the decision to spend time examining the Vantage

In many cases, large companies have fully automated systems that generate
EDI transaction without human involvement. These transactions are
automatically sent to smaller companies, who don't have such sophistication.
The real question you have to ask yourself is whether or not the expected
transaction volume is large enough for you to benefit from adding this
sophistication. Your customers may get great benefit out of sending you
orders via EDI, because they are already automated (or are implementing an
automated solution). But you may simply offer them the EDI option as a
service that ultimately has a negative impact on your process.

In my experience, setting up and maintaining an integrated EDI solution
(within an ERP system) is quite involved. Vantage may be easier than others
I have tried. On the other side of the coin, there can be substantial
savings reaped from having those orders go directly into your system (or
into a queue for approval) without having to hand enter them from a piece of
paper. The bottom line is whether or not you have enough of these orders
for that savings to offset the cost of EDI setup and maintenance.

If you think the transaction volume will be large, and you will have
several, or even many, customers sending transactions, I would think it
would be wise to consider the Vantage module. If not, there are lots of
off-line services, including the kinds you mentioned. I would also take a
look at Internet EDI services. There are lots of them, but I have had good
luck with a company called ESIS (esisinc.com).

Good luck...B

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A couple of our customers are requiring that we use EDI. I am trying to
learn as much as I can to decide exaclty how we should do it - EDI to fax,
Sterling GENTRAN, or Epicor's EDI module. Anyone interested in discussing
EDI off list, please email or call.


John Mueske
Hiatt Manufacturing, Inc.

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I use gentran director and sterling comerace. We don't use the Vantage EDI module but I do know that you have to have some service to collect the EDI transmissions. You can try a direct connect but what a hassel. If you would like more discussion on this you can contact me at RUBBERASC@... or alternatively if the group wants to see the dialog we can discuss in group.

Shirley Graver
Sys Admin
Rubber Associates