Edit sql statement in BAQ

is there anyway we can edit the SQL statement in BAQ, it improve the flexibility if user want to apply function on the selected table fields.

Note: It is very much against the rules to directly edit any data in SQL. You will cause problems and in this case I dont think it will give you what you are after either.

In terms of editing the BAQ SQL I am afraid that is not possible. Would be nice for those of us who know SQL but its not possible.

Also note that the SQL in the BAQ is not the actual SQLthat is run on the server - Epicor injects some additional security / restrictions on the query (checking for territory / company access etc).


You are right that this is against the rules to edit any data in SQL. However, he is asking a way, and i explained one of. By the way, what problems do you expect here ?

Thanks for replying, i am not going to alter the data in database using SQL directly, SQL had some good functions can apply on the select statement where making the data extraction much more presentable (Such as trim, cast, or convert and etc)

Ah, you can use SQL functions in the BAQ.

In calculated fields you can use SQL. If is not in the available function in the UI you can just type it in. Similar for the Where Criteria.

In the joins you can also type in what you want. For example if you bin nums are all integers you can cast them in the join.



Thanks Brett and Sya for the guidance.