Editing Aged Receivable Data Definition

Looks like I'll have to recreate it somehow.  I suppose I could always add the field from ODBC but then the users will have to prepopulate with the password...which I'd like to avoid.

I did request how to do this from E9 support/development so if they give me anything useful I will report back.  


I'm having an issue adding the invchead table to the AR Aging report.  Basicallly, we need to add the Legal Number and few UD fields from the InvcHead table to the report, but since AR Aging uses these bizarre calculated tables/temp tables, I can't manage a link.  Has anyone managed to do this?

As an example, the available tables are:

ARDtls -Temporary Table




>>these bizarre calculated tables/temp tables
I think you're out of luck.
The RDD interface will let you add links from calculated tables to database tables
but... no extra data will ever be retrieved.