Editing Customizations with Compilation Error

I’m getting this message when trying to open a customization after deleting one of its buttons:

--------compile errors------------
 Error: CS0117 - line 83 (1705) - 'Script' does not contain a definition for 'epiButtonGeneratePlates'
 Error: CS0117 - line 118 (1740) - 'Script' does not contain a definition for 'epiButtonGeneratePlates'

 ** Compile Failed. **

I understand what’s happening on the background, however, I’m unable to open the form to edit the Script class.

What’s the best way around this?

Edit 01: the customization ran fine at first, then I closed it, attempted to re-open it and got the above message. I wonder why it didn’t fail while the form was opened, but only when it was re-opened. Just a thought.

You can still go into the code when the base form opens, or utilize Customization Maintenance menu and select the “Selected Issues Helper”, this will let you edit custom code, properties and controls.

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Thank you, Aaron.

The base form only shows methods DestroyCustomCode() and InitializeCustomCode(). It doesn’t show code for the customization I need to update.

Nonetheless, Customization Maintenance did show the same two compilation errors after I verified the customization. I followed your instructions and got it to work!

Thanks for the help.