Editing Progress data via ODBC - Sorry for the coming rant

We do this by linking an Access database via ODBC to the Progress database. Not that we want to but the EDI Standard 830 Import is broken and does not create bookings records in the Progress database. Any other changes to these orders create the bookings records...just not those that are imported via EDI. So, a program that was supposed to save me time is now causing me TWO MAN DAYS OF DATA ENTRY EACH AND EVERY WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Yes, after every EDI 830 Import I have to have an employee open this special database and manually update the booking detail tables. I have a new metric...instead of ROI...it's COI (cost of investment!).

As you can tell from my little rant this is a topic that is particularly touchy for me.

Anyway, yes, it can be done but I'll mirror the others advice by repeating that only update fields that have no triggers associated with them. An example is VB Form fields (we mass change data in these fields all the time).

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Has anyone successfully edited the date in the Progress database using a
3rd party tool via ODBC or using standard SQL statements? If so what
tool did you use? I need to do some cleanup on the database and I would
prefer to access the data in a spreadsheet format rather than running a
Crystal report to find the problems and manually update them.

Thanks in advance,


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