EKW - Picked Orders to Multiple Cartons

I am looking at using picked orders to streamline shipping. Since we prefer to have carton integrity, what is the best way to create multiple carton shipments. So we have sales order with 10 lines on it.

Parts 1- 4 are in carton 1
Parts 5-8 are in Carton 2
Parts 9-10 are in carton 3

Any thoughts on best way to support this?


Hello John,

My first thoughts where, do you guys use PCID’s? I would almost pick each carton into its own PCID. They can be put into the same pack, or separate packs as needed. I would do Dynamic PCID’s if that was the design.

That would mean, Allocate the orders, Pick them into the PCID (carton) then ship them on one or many packs.


thank you for the thoughts on it. I have not used PCID yet - so in this case the PCID would be the tote that we ship (terms from previous companies).



Of course, glad to help. And yes, it would be like a tote, or a container which the items are in. I suggest looking into it, I think it would be the cleanest way to do what you are talking about unless someone else thinks there is an easier way. You also have to make sure to have the AMM (Advanced Material Management) License if you don’t already have it.

Let me know if you end up going that route.


+1ing @saundersn here. We use PCIDs for this exact purpose and it works great.

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