Electronic Interface for Bank Statement Processing

HI everyone,
I have read the directions 100 times. We are trying to set up our electronic interface using the Erp\EI\StatementImportCSV_Template\StatementImportCSV_Template.cs program. The instructions say to go to the folder and open it to look at the example so we know what columns we need to use this format. I finally found the folder and there is nothing in it escept the.cs file which I can’t open. My accounting department only wants to import 2 columns but we can’t figure this out… :cry:

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.C’s files are C#. It’s just a text file. You could install VSCode and specify that you’re doing C# and it will open the file.

Mark W.


Melissa, where did you find these instructions? I am trying to use bank statement processing and I need to select a program in the electronic interface, but I cannot find one that matches a CSV file we get.