Electronic Payment Type to allow bank to Pay

I have a request to have an Electronic Payment output a file that will tell the bank to pay by ACH, Wire, or Check. The goal is to have Epicor output a single file for the bank and the bank has logic to know what type of payment it will send.
Is there an interface for this already?
FYI, its Wells Fargo.

Normally, you would do one payment type at a time per Payment Group. I think the EI runs during the payment process. :thinking:

So you recommend sending multiple files for each Payment Type, even if they are all going to the same bank?

Yeah, as long as they’re OK with it. I’m not sure if the WF format has headers and footers too.

This particular format is more complicated than previous that I’ve seen… If we can split it for each type, then that may be a simpler option.

And usually checks are in the Positive Pay format, which is different than other ACH I’ve seen.

I may see what other options the bank will allow too. If I am splitting the payment types, then maybe each type can have a more standard format?

I would definitely “check” with them first. You may be able to get away with a single extract that you reformat afterwards but you’ll probably end up with at least two formats I’m guessing. Wire doesn’t need PP. But ACH and Checks might share.

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Thanks. Thanks for the pun too!