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We have a workflow in Service Connect that creates a PO and adds lines to it. After the process is completed, a Poster sends an email with the PO number to a user that monitors this activity.
The email is very simple, it only contains a success message and the PO number. We would like to include in the email the list of parts that were passed to the workflow in the csv file. These parts are stored in a Message Extension variable.
We tried using the Complex Link feature in the email but we didn’t know how it works or if this is the correct option. There is another option called table link but we don’t know how to use or , again, if it is the right option for what we want to do.

Any ideas on how to add the list of parts to the email?

Thanks in advance!

you can get it one of two ways, your message extension schema should be of a type that is a table and holds multiple rows, simply linking to that field (PartNum) would result in a list, or you could store the list in a text variable, each time you cycle through adding a PO line, take the current value of the variable and use a concatenate functoid to add the next one to the ‘list’ along with commas or some delimiter for readability and then link to that variable in your email template.

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I use a Complex Link in an email to list out all of the Job Numbers that were sent in the CSV file to the Service Connect workflow. I think you need to make sure that you have (I don’t know the specific name for this type of link nor a better way to describe it…so I’m going to get real technical here…) the brown dashed line going from the row node to the Collection-Item node. This indicates that it will iterate through the list and print all the rows in the table out and not just one record. Then link up the Column name with the Value node in the Collection like below:
(You can use the Concatenate Functoid to pull more Columns together and send the set to the Value node.)

And you can select the Separator to use between each record either a TAB or CRLF which I believe stands for Carriage Return Line Feed. You have to be careful cause the list could get kind of long when you use CRLF but we never have too many Jobs to list out in this particular workflow.

Sounds like you are trying to do something similar to this so I hope that helps you out! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rob.
That’s a good idea. I will try it out.

Thanks Heather.
It helps a lot when you use pictures to explain your instructions.
I tried that approach but I couldn’t make work. Maybe I’m not doing it right.


I finally made your suggestion work. I wasn’t passing the right data to the Conversion right before the Poster.
Thanks for the help.

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That’s great @juansalas! I’m so glad you got it to work. :slight_smile: :clap:

I understand, sometimes it can be so tedious to follow the data through from one node to the next. :crazy_face: