Email notifications when RMA Lines are created or updated

We are required to send email notifications when an RMA Line is created. When I create a RMAProc.Update Post Processing method and use the RMAHead.RowMod = “U” condition then only the RMAHead fields are available for the email. When I use the RMADtl.RowMod = “U” then only the RMADtl fields are available.
How can I have both RMAHead and RMADtl fields available for the email notification?

How are you accessing the fields? Generally speaking, they should all be available.

If nothing else, you can use a BO Method widget and call RMA.GetByID to retrieve the full dataset. (Though you shouldn’t normally need to take such steps.)

If you use the RMADtl.RowMod == “U” condition, you should be able to access the RMAHead fields using something like:

var rh = Db.RMAHead.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Company == ttRMADtl.Company && x.RMANum == ttRMADtl.RMANum);

Edit: This is 10.2 syntax… hopefully still valid for Kinetic :upside_down_face:

Thank you for the reply.
Since I am not fluent in coding, I am trying to shy away from it.

For now, I am just experimenting with showing messages.

I created two table queries one for RMAHead and another for RMADtl.

The message is showing the following:
i hope the screenshots are showing OK.

@Mike_Tonoyan You don’t have to code, but I am pretty sure you will have to get the data from the header when the detail changes somehow. The GetByID that @Waffqle_De_LaCroix mentions is heavy handed, but is a no code way to get there.

Thanks Greg, I am able to retrieve the fields now.

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