Email Routing rule set up

There is a ‘Routing’ checkbox in the report print parameters that is enabled depending on the report style. Where are the routing rules set up and how do I enable the Routing checkbox when I try to “Apply routing rule set up for the style”? We have a report style called ‘Email’ that has the Routing checkbox enabled and want to modify the email routing in a Test environment using a new report style for this Email report style.

What do you mean “Apply routing rule set up for style?”

If you want to add/modify/delete routings for a report you have to go to the report style and then go to the ssrs routing tab.

The routing checkbox on a report form is checked when the Report Style has a Break Routing defined and enabled.

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I don’t know, but there may be something about ssrs breaking and routing somewhere in a tech ref guide or user guide if you are looking for general information @cchang

My concern was uploading a new report to that report style if it will break the email routing. Any changes to just the report should be able to follow the same process of simply uploading the report.

One hint on making a Break/Routing. Copy the reports RDD, and then specify the copy on the report style. This is because you can’t select a different RDD once the Break Routing is created. And if you need to edit the RDD, you’d be out of luck as the base RDD’s cannot be edited.

Ah… Very clear now.

The Break routing is oblivious to the report style’s RDL. It only cares about the data created by the specified RDD (or BAQ). And you would only have an issue if a referenced field was removed from the RDD(or BAQ). Adding more fields wouldn’t make a difference.

The education document is called “Automating Epicor SSRS Reports Using Advanced Printing Routing Rules”

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Thanks Ernie

I mean, they probably COULD have made the name a little more ridiculous, but they would have had to work at it.

Does changes to the report affect the nightly scheduled task or do we need to resubmit the scheduled task again? There is a nightly scheduled task to email it out if installing the solution will require resubmitting the scheduled task also.

Changes to the BAQ, RDD, RDL, or Report Style don’t require resubmitting. Every time the scheduled task runs it is no different than if you manually ran the report again.

If your report has a date field as an input, you’ll want to make that dynamic. Otherwise, every time it runs it would use the same date as when you first submitted it.