Email to Case

Is there a way to create a new Case in Epicor from an email. Or has someone created something.

Service Connect Workflow or better yet @Mark_Wonsil favorite toy Microsoft Flow


Hi @Devin.Draeger

Both Microsoft Automate and Azure Logic Apps (which is the engine for Power Automate) can read a mailbox. How is the case data getting into the email? A filled-in PDF attachment? A web-form?

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Would be using a web form from our website.

Gotcha. I have to say, email is the UDP of data transfer methods. It is not guaranteed delivery. I have seen this method break time and time again.

A different approach might be have the website post to some data store (local Postgres db, Azure Table storage, etc.) and then have a program on prem poll every 1-5 minutes for new cases. When found, download the case and mark the record as received. Now push the record into Epicor with a Function. The reason I like to separate the two states is that I have a record in case there’s an error or if I have a catastrophic situation on Epicor where I might need to restore and then reload the records. I can also send a notification of the new case to the customer once successful.


is there any way to do something that’s activated by the presence of a file? We do that with Service Connect but it would be really cool if it could trigger a function.

Your webform could dump a .csv into a folder and the function could do away with the need for service connect entirely.

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Yep. SC is a fine product but this is just one less dependency to upgrade…


A using a function on a schedule could do that, or read a table in db.


Agreed. A Scheduled Epicor Function checking either a directory or other external source (DB/API) would be a great simple and easy to maintain solution.

Just need to be sure when developing/programming it that safe/reliable logic or architecture is built in to change/alter the source for Production and Test environment systems to keep them isolated. While the ‘Production’ flag at an instance level is available, I’d probably bind the logic to confirm the application server URL matches expected just to be safer - I’ve seen a few too many cases of simple integrations being developed and this not taken into account properly only to have a Test system process files or records from a production source unintentionally.