Embedded Dashboard within Published Dashboard - Sheet Wizard

I am having an issue getting an embedded dashboard onto a deployed dashboard. I must be doing something wrong. I have gotten this to work once with the dashboards I am using, but noticed an issue so I deleted the customization to fix it but I was unable to get it back to how I had it.

The deployed dashboard was created to look at counts entered through the cycle count tag entry form of Epicor. I am using it to try and troubleshoot the various points where a data entry issue may have occured, such as fat fingered PO receipts or missed material issuances.

I deployed the main dashboard and created the one for the POs. On the PO dashboard, it is not published (maybe it needs to be?). I set the filter criteria for the PO dashboard so that the part number is equal to dashboard browse, Im uncertain if I set that up correctly. Then I turned on customization mode and opened the main dashboard I wanted to add the PO dashboard to. The images below will show each step I took and what I selected. I keep getting this error that the key already exists no matter how I choose stuff.

Please help!! :slight_smile:

Here’s what it looked like when it was working haha: