Employee Expense Approval Order

We have employee expenses set up to be approved by the program manager via a Task Set. We now would like to have the employee’s supervisor approve the expense when the employee is the program manager. I have tried putting a BPM on the data directive for Task where I set the SalesRepCode to the supervisor instead of the PM but it isn’t working. It keeps getting overwritten with the PM. I made the task set and workflow groups inactive but then it doesn’t go to the PM - it only goes to the supervisor.

I swear it worked at one point with the BPM only (task set still active) but now it does not work at all. Here is my code:

var projectID = "";
var conProjMgr = "";
var conProjEng = "";
var empID = "";

foreach(var t in ttTask.Where(o=>o.RowMod == "A" && o.RelatedToFile == "EmpExpense" && o.CompletionAction == "Aprv")) {

    projectID = Db.EmpExpense.Where(l=>l.Company == Session.CompanyID && l.SysRowID == t.RelatedToSysRowID).FirstOrDefault().ProjectID;
    empID = Db.EmpExpense.Where(l=>l.Company == Session.CompanyID && l.SysRowID == t.RelatedToSysRowID).FirstOrDefault().EmpID;      
    if(!String.IsNullOrEmpty(projectID))  {
        conProjMgr = Db.Project.Where(o=>o.ProjectID == projectID).FirstOrDefault().ConProjMgr;
            if (empID == conProjMgr)
              //go get this person's supervisor instead of letting them sign their own expense report
              conProjMgr = Db.EmpBasic.Where(o=>o.EmpID == empID).FirstOrDefault().SupervisorID;              
          t.SalesRepCode = conProjMgr;   
         this.PublishInfoMessage(t.SalesRepCode.ToString(),Ice.Common.BusinessObjectMessageType.Information, Ice.Bpm.InfoMessageDisplayMode.Individual,"", "");