Employment Opportunity

Euclid Systems Corp (https://euclidsys.com) is seeking an Epicor BA. Euclid manufactures specialty contact lenses that literally reshape how people see the world. Qualified candidates will have experience with Epicor 10.1.x and 10.2.x gathering and writing requirements, MRP, financials, SSRS, Bartender, BAQ’s, BPM’s and dashboards. Must have excellent communications skills and are at ease working with Epicor stakeholders. You also get to work with the notorious Rob Bucek. Euclid will provide relocation assistance to Northern Virginia. If interested, send your resume and salary ballpark to katherine.kirkham@euclidsys.com.

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Where do I sign up? :smiley:

lol you deserve better @willetta

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How do you feel about going to the cloud @rbucek?


If only I knew all that stuff… I’d jump.

I’m still learning. :pleading_face:

sounds nebulous @Mark_Wonsil :slight_smile: I’ll take Azure over Epicor’s cloud any day tho haha.

Amen to that or just stay onsite.

aka Bruce (for whatever reason I always read your username, and my brain sees bruce lol)

Virginia, nice.

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