Emulate Zebra Printer

Anyone able to setup a emulated Zebra printer? We have a few zebra printers onsite, but considering I’m remote and having some trouble testing on a physical printer. I tried following the tutorials listed here and have had no luck.

I seem to get a response when I try to print to the printer, but nothing pops up on my emulator screen. What’s also weird is that the port is never the same, even though I have specified which port should be used. Perhaps I don’t understand enough about printers/networking to understand why it does that

I Just install the drivers from Seagull and then set your output to COM1 and then you can print to it and it will show up just fine in the BarTender Reprint Console, History Viewer etc… I use those to look at the output.

Same thing I am sure you could use the Seagull Drivers and set your output to go to a XPS or PDF file. But I always preferred COM1-COM5.


Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to try this soon. Sounds easier :smiley: