Enabled Tracker Fields

To show UD's in Tracker List Views

Turn on Developer mode

Open the Tracker

On Customization/Translation selection screen
select the Customization already listed to use on
the Tracker...if there is none, proceed to open the Tracker

Select "Tools/Customize"

Say "yes " to clear form

Navigate to the list view you want to add fields to

Left click in the area where the grid would
normally be. This will select the grid area. In
the customization panel you will see a list of
all of the fields available for the grid to
display. Select to hide or show a field.

Save the Customization: if you don't already
have a saved Customization use the display to
name a new one. If this is the first time you
are creating a Customization, once you have saved
it....get out of Developer Mode and go to "Menu
Maintenance"...find the menu item for the Tracker
you customized. Select it in the tree view and
move to the maintenance panel. At the bottom
look up your Customization name and select it here....Save

Get out of Vantage/E9 and come back in. The Customization should work now.

To add a UD to a non-grid display:

Open Customization as above but select a
field-display page. Customize in the UD field as you would any Customization.

repeat the "save" procedure above.

Once you install your initial Customization on
the Menu Maintenance, you do not have to repeat
this procedure, the application will remember the association.

Remember this: there is no point to creating
multiple Customizations for a menu item....you
can use only one at a time. Pile all of your
necessary customizations into 1 Customization
file name. Periodically Export your
customizations to an archive in addition to the
regular Application backup. That way if you
screw one up you can always re-import it.

If you need help, e-mail or call:

Bob Carlson
At 10:03 AM 7/19/2010, you wrote:
>Is there anyway to make a custom ud field active
>in a tracker? I thought there was, but cannot what I'm looking for. Thanks

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Is there anyway to make a custom ud field active in a tracker? I thought there was, but cannot what I'm looking for. Thanks