Enabling Read only fields to be edited on form selection


I have an issue I’m trying to solve in Asset Addition Entry. When creating an asset addition, we need to attach a supplier and invoice to miscellaneous addition entries, since using the normal functionality creates an issue with how asset additions and costs are considered in fiscal periods. When selecting a Miscellaneous invoice, the Supplier and Invoice fields grey out and cannot be edited. Can I force these to be reopened on a form event customization? Is there another way to do this?



There are multiple ways around this, but you need to be 1000% sure this doesn’t impact anything else down the line in the Epicor Business Logic. If you find it wont impact anything, you can “force” the field to enable with a customization, but if that doesn’t work for some reason, you can create a field tied to CallContextBPMData and have your users change that field. Then, create a BPM that “pushes/passes” the field the user enters their data into to the Supplier and/or Invoice fields.

All this being said, I don’t know much about the Asset Addition Entry screen, so you need to really check and see whether or not Epicor has a really good reason to disable the Supplier and Invoice fields. Perhaps you can create a UDField for each of these fields too?

Just a guess … But does the Supplier and Invoice entered in Asset Addition have to be an existing entry in AP Invoice?

Does entering it in Asset Addition replace having to enter it in AP Invoice entry?

Seems like that might be the possible point of contention.

Thank you both for the replies.

It shouldn’t impact the business logic, since we have been manually filling in those fields via the DMT upload for over a year when we do batch addition entries and we’ve had no issues. It’s mainly for record and reporting purposes, for our part, and we’d rather use those fields instead of UD fields since we want to maintain consistency.

So, how would I do this? This seems like something I should use customization for; either a row rule or form event after field change but I’m unsure of the syntax for setting fields to non-read only.

In row Rules, there’s a way to set read only but not a way to NOT set read only. Unless I just go with default…

Maybe you could just place a new textbox on the form and bind it to the same data source as the original one that gets set to R/O.

Not sure what happens if two controls are bound to the same data source, when it comes time to update the record (as in, which one is used). Maybe delete the original field from the form to be safe.

Full disclosure: I’m just thinking of ways to hack in your solution. I’m sure that much better ways exist. If anyone else gives you another way to do it, I suggest you go with theirs.

Thank you all for the help. I did end up using form event/rule wizards to make sure the fields were made default instead of read only when the Addition Type was set to miscellaneous.