End Activity

Guys i need to do a BPM on the MES for end activity does anyone knows the name of the business object that runs in labor i tried update but that doesnt work. Thanks in advance

Run a trace to make sure, but I believe the Labor BO does have an EndActivity method.

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yes you are right but end activity runs when you hit that button end activity. I am looking for the BO that runs in the screen where you report qty. The BO that runs you hit OK, that is the one i need.

It’s probably update then. What are you trying to do? Make sure to change the RowMod if you’re changing anything.

I am trying to place a BPM, that when people report qty in the MES, they cannot report more qty that the production qty. I already try to use update BO for Labor, and it doesn’t work either. it is just an easy BPM my problem is that even using the tracing tool i cannot locate the BO running on report qty

i found it the BO is labor.DefaultlaborQty. thanks for your help really apreciated

Alex, were you able to build this BPM? did it require custom code? I am working through the same issue now.
We are on 10.2.300

give this a whirl

qty greater than completed BPM.docx (453.2 KB)

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Thank you Paul.

I see you have this BPM on Labor. Update, should it be there or labor.EndActivity?

I run very similar code and also have it on update.

Thank you Paul.

this does exactly what we need!

We are having the same issues and I received an error “object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

Do you know what ive done incorrectly??error.pdf (34.8 KB)

That is an error message on a bad customization. did you get that error after adding the custom code?

in Paul’s example I had to change the “Q” expression on condition 2 to the represent the code we used.

Sorry for the late respond and yest it required custom code at least my BPM because it needed more things besides not reporting labor but you dont need custom code if you are just conditioning the field and sending an alert

Thanks for the reply. We did end up building it using custom code. ( had a consultant write it for me,)

Andrew - Yes - I got the error after adding the 2nd condition. So what is Q ?

We have someone on staff that writes C but isn’t familiar with the BPMs so I think between the 2 of us we could get it done - I just need to be able to explain what it is the expression needs to represent -
Is Q the value comparison between Job Oper Qty and Labor Dtl Qty ?

Indicates the Method for Labor Entry. Can be “T” - Time and Quantity, “Q” - Quantity Only (Time is estimated) or “B” - Backflush. If “B” then the LaborNote will be “Backflushed”.

I had to change mine to “T”

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Thank you! This was extremely helpful and after changing it, I was able to get it to work.

sorry I have been away on leave. Depending how your jobs are setup use either or both, ie or condition in your code.