End Activity

Guys i need to do a BPM on the MES for end activity does anyone knows the name of the business object that runs in labor i tried update but that doesnt work. Thanks in advance

Run a trace to make sure, but I believe the Labor BO does have an EndActivity method.

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yes you are right but end activity runs when you hit that button end activity. I am looking for the BO that runs in the screen where you report qty. The BO that runs you hit OK, that is the one i need.

It’s probably update then. What are you trying to do? Make sure to change the RowMod if you’re changing anything.

I am trying to place a BPM, that when people report qty in the MES, they cannot report more qty that the production qty. I already try to use update BO for Labor, and it doesn’t work either. it is just an easy BPM my problem is that even using the tracing tool i cannot locate the BO running on report qty

i found it the BO is labor.DefaultlaborQty. thanks for your help really apreciated

Alex, were you able to build this BPM? did it require custom code? I am working through the same issue now.
We are on 10.2.300

give this a whirl

qty greater than completed BPM.docx (453.2 KB)

Thank you Paul.

I see you have this BPM on Labor. Update, should it be there or labor.EndActivity?

I run very similar code and also have it on update.

Thank you Paul.

this does exactly what we need!