End User Activity (803.409C)

> 8920 and 8930 are not visible in your 8.03.409C?
> I checked here and they are visible in conversion programs.

I seem to recall that in order to see all of the conversion programs,
I had to click on the down-arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar in
order to see the entire list. Grabbing the scroll-block and dragging
it to the bottom did not show all conversion programs.

Mark W.
I need to end a user's activity because he is logged into the same job multiple
times and its locked up. Previously we ran a conversion program 8920 to
accomplish this, however when looking at the conversion programs 8920 is no
longer listed as an option.  Does anyone know of another way I could end
this employee's labor activity?

Dustin Biniek
UMC, Inc.

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