Ending Progress sessions from clients in Progress 9

We are trying to disconnect Progress users from WIN95 or Win NT clients on
an NT network. We are trying to do this with the _mprshut.exe command (our
icon reads like this: V:\progress\bin\_mprshut.exe v:\vantage\db\vantage.db
-N TCP -H vantage -S vantage), just like we used to be able to with Progress
8.1 (we actually had a GUI interface to do this before and now it's DOS - is
this Progress?). The icon will open up the window that shows us all the
active users but we are unable to disconnect anyone we select (with the
exception of yourself). We are signed on as administrator. The function
works fine on the Progress database server itself. Has anyone else been able
to get this to work from a system other than the server since the Vantage
4.0 upgrade?

Tim Goertz