Ending Progress/Vantage user sessions form location s other tha


Yet another option (and a free one, at that) is to use Microsoft
NetMeeting... We have this installed on all of our clients (NT, and W9x) and
it allows someone with a password to take over a client's desktop from
another workstation.

It saves me and my staff a lot of steps when we get those "I can't remember
how to map a drive" questions. We just commandeer their desktop, show them,
and get on with life.

Tres cool.

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location s other than t he Vantage database server


We have PCanywhere loaded on all of our servers and on most of our client
PC's and in all cases we use passwords and encryption for access.

We have PCanywhere loaded on all of our servers and on most of our client
PC's and in all cases we use passwords and encryption for access. Also, we
have PCanywhere set to auto-load in IPL so I can login from home on the
weekend, manually shut down Vantage/Progress, reboot the server, and restart
Vantage/Progress all from home.

On the client end whenever I get a call from one of our users who is getting
strange msg's on their screens I can quickly link to their machines and see
what is going on and/or take control so I can show them how to handle the

Bottom line - works great.

Todd Anderson
J. Rubin & Co.

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Subject: [Vantage] ending Progress/Vantage user sessions form locations
other than t he Vantage database server


Does anyone know if this is possible using any method with Vantage 4.0 and
Progress 9? I have tried for months to get a solution form Epicor or
Progress and they have basically told me it is not possible, even though we
were able to do this before we went to Vantage 4.0 this summer.

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form anywhere but the consol

Received your SupportNet call regarding the following:

We are trying to disconnect Progress users
from WIN95 or Win NT clients on an NT network. We are trying to do this with
the _mprshut.exe command (our icon reads like this:
V:\progress\bin\_mprshut.exe v:\vantage\db\vantage.db -N TCP -H vantage -S
vantage, which Doug Kunze form Progress helped us get set up, just like we
used to be able to with Progress 8.1. The icon will open up the window that
shows us all the
active users but we unable to disconnect anyone we select (with the
exception of yourself). We are signed on as administrator. The function
works fine on the Progress database server itself. This an essential functio
for us to be able to do with the large number of users and multiple sites we
oocasionally have record loks that ened to be ended.

Call opened by: tim.goertz@...

We have used this before as well and you are correct. It will only allow you
to kill yourself and not any other user(s). Only at the Console and with
the correct rights will you be able to kill any other users.

Thanks, Jay Erickson
Vantage Technical Support Analyst
Epicor Software Corp.
SupportNet: http://www.epicor.com <http://www.epicor.com>

Tim Goertz

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