Engine Crew Monographs - part 2

For you tech heads out there.

Goto http://www.progress.com/support/techpapers/ .... this is the home page
for these Engine Crew Monographs.

A collection of articles about Progress ...

From the webpage :

"Engine Crew Monographs are technical articles that discuss Progress
products, explain how they function, and tell you how to use them more
effectively. Subject matter is primarily related to the Progress Database,
Networking, and Servers. The topics presented are thought to be of interest
to Progress customers. The editor imagines that there is interest in a topic
when many people ask questions about it.
Warning: Most of these articles are highly technical and dull as dirt. You
might fall asleep, fall out of your chair, and bump your head. Please fasten
your seat belt before reading so you don't injure yourself."
Dull as dirt ? Can't be - techheads live for this stuff -
Todd Anderson
J. Rubin & Co.