Enhancement request for inventory cycle counting

This enhancement request was faxed to Vantage support this morning. If the
rest of you are having the following problem, please forward your concerns
to Vantage support in order to help alleviate all of our problems with this
issue. (reference the Incident number below when contacting support)

Kimberly Maxwell

Enhancement Request Form.

Incident Number: 653471MPS

Type of Shop: Precision Machine Shop

Suggested Enhancement:


The “Auto Select” function within Inventory Management, General Operations,
Count Entry, Selecting parts to be counted, is suppose to select parts by
the last “counted date” and A,B,C codes. Currently it’s picking parts with
zero quantity on hand and warehouses that were not select to be counted.
When I used the auto select function and wanted limit the count to 30 parts,
it selects 30 parts (with zero in stock and wrong warehouses) then when I
went to print tags I had 2 - 5 tags come up to be counted. Vantage only
brings up a few tags because the rest of the “Auto Selected” parts have
nothing in stock. Even if I add a tag for the 0 quantity parts into the
inventory, so it would have a counted date, Vantage is still auto selecting
these parts over and over (even on the next day count). All of my A,B,C
codes are set up correctly - along with everything else. Yes, Vantage works
great if you want to do a FULL physical inventory but we need to use it for
cycle counting.

My suggestion is:

The “Auto Select” function within Inventory Management will NOT select any
parts with a zero quantity and it will only look into the warehouse thatÂ’s
selected to be counted.
We also want a report that would print out all parts with a zero quantity.


Westwood Precision is unable to use VantageÂ’s cycle counting function due to
all these problems with the Auto Select function. We have to manually enter
every part number to be counted every day. If this function was corrected
it would cut A LOT of time out of our day trying to over-ride Vantages count

Kimberly Maxwell
Office Manager
Westwood Precision, Inc.
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Fax: 425-353-8945
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