Enhancement Request: System Monitor in V8 to actively alert people

I have an enhancement request in place with Epicor to get the
following item into development.

Basically it is to let the user know when a print has gone wrong, or
any other process. At the moment, the user never gets informed and
they have to manually check the system monitor (very annoying).

If I could get as many users as possilbe logging their concerns with
Epicor about this issue and referencing the below Enhancement
Number, it will go a long way in getting this issue resolved.




Summary: System Monitor cannot actively inform users of
print/process errors.
Book: Change Requests
Request no.: 21754MPS

Description / Steps to reproduce:

System Monitor cannot actively inform users of print/process errors.
This can be extrememely frustrating to the user, because they are
never informed what is going on. More functions have recently been
added to the processes. (E.g. AP/AR Invoice posting) It is getting
harder for a user to be able to effeciently locate which,
report/porcess is theirs and get status.

Provide an option to allow user to have the System Monitor to
ACTIVELY notify the end user (as oppose to the PASSIVE notification
that is currently in place). A modal dialog box or something to that